Our classrooms vary depending on each centre’s design.  Our friendly Centre Directors can provide detailed information on the current groupings for each of our centres.

Typically, our classrooms are divided into the following groups:



In this age group, we aim to be highly supportive of parents, whilst providing a program which incorporates warmth, interest, stimulation and security to each infant entrusted to us.  The needs of you and your child will be our highest priority, as we work together with you to ensure your child’s happiness and security, as well as your peace of mind.



Extending on from the Nursery/Babies grouping, the Toddler group creates a play based learning environment.  We understand that children explore, learn, communicate, discover, engage, imagine and create – all through play.  Our educators create experiences and cultivate environments to guide your child’s play and learning journey.


Junior Kindy/Kindy

Our aim in this age group is to provide a safe but stimulating environment to enable your child to explore and learn.  We believe that by offering children choices and encouraging them to express their needs, we are providing them with the opportunity to further develop their skills on an individual basis.  Our respect for you, as the primary educator of your child, is apparent in the way we continue to work with you as a family.


Senior Kindy/Pre Kindy

By the time your child moves into this age group, he/she will be developing a whole range of new skills.  Our aim in this age group is primarily to encourage children’s independence and self-help skills.  We base all our learning experiences on children’s needs and interests and work with you to exchange information about your child’s development.  We do not establish “criteria for success”, but rather encourage every child to learn and progress as their individual development dictates.



Children in this age range are ready to develop a whole new range of independence and social skills, as well as pre-literacy and numeracy skills.  We offer a specialised preschool program and have developed a transition to school program, which ensures your child is ready for the next exciting chapter in his/her development.

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