At Bright Horizons Australia Childcare, we believe that parents, as first educators of their children, lay the foundation for future learning.  Early childhood education is an extension of such foundations and therefore we aim to provide an environment which fosters the cognitive, physical, social, spiritual and emotional development of the individual child.  Through practice, we aim to promote equitable learning outcomes for children, based on these stages of development and learning.

Through regular communication and consultation with families, we aim to develop individual learning experiences that incorporate the strengths and interests of the children, in an environment that promotes active learning and development.  Learning is achieved through play and it provides children with opportunities to see and understand the world through their eyes and experiences.

Educator’s culturally perspective practices are established through collaborative processes and relationships with families.  Practices will be supported by the five principles identified in the Early Years Learning Framework.  Children will experience an environment which reflects the cultural heritage, languages, customs and beliefs of the families within the community.  Children and families will be secure in the sense that their cultural backgrounds are valued and respected within the setting.

Each of our early childhood education and care settings will adopt their own individual and unique curriculum pedagogy that will reflect the connectedness and collaborative approaches of the services, families and community they represent.  Children’s active learning and development will be supported through rich and varied environments that change in response to their needs and interests.

Educators use a range of strategies to support learning by providing a balance between child-lead, child-initiated and intentional teaching opportunities.  A reflective process is in place to critically examine practices and review learning outcomes.

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