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Bright Horizons Charters Towers is a small service of 42 place in a rural town outside of Townsville. We have an educator base of 12, who are seen everyday within the service caring, loving and extending the children. Our Service has 3 rooms which age from 6 weeks to 5 years. We currently have an educator who is working towards her bachelor of education who works with children aged 3-5years. We feel as though we have developed a very inviting, comfortable service who includes all children’s interest and culture to ensure that the children are feeling very safe and secured when they are in our care. At Charters Towers Bright Horizons we offer a courtesy bus to help families out with transport to and from the service, we also off before and after school care. 

To Help with your child's growth, we offer the following:

Service Manager

My Name is Shaylee Thomasson and im currently the director at Bright Horizons Charters Towers. I have been working in childcare within our small town since 2015 where I started volunteering. I then found myself within Bright Horizons as a float staff and worked my way all the way to director. I come from a big family of my mum, dad and 6 siblings. We grew up on a small property full of animals, motorbikes, and swimming. I have 2 children myself, who I spend every minuet spoiling like crazy.  

I found myself with a huge love for watching children grow, learn, have fun and most of all being messy. I love my job as every day I can come to work knowing I can make a difference, whether it be with children, families, or most of all my amazing staff. I love that every day I get the opportunity to set up experience that I can watch the children challenge themselves, explore something new and ensure they are gaining a new outcome in their little life.  

Outside of work you can find me spending time with my big family at the river, beach or travelling somewhere for a little getaway. 

Service Details

Bright Horizons Australia Childcare Charters Towers

75 Racecourse Road

Charters Towers QLD 4820